Things have a way of working themselves out

My excursion to the Cliffs of Mon was anything but ordinary.

When the odds may not seem to be in your favor, remain positive – things have a way of working out. At least that’s what I concluded after my first excursion through the Denmark country side.

Yesterday was my first day off at my Workaway stay. After a few days of preparing the retreat center for the upcoming weekend retreat, I was excited to get out of the house. My host, Camilla, mentioned she would be doing some errands in town and offered to take the other volunteer, Maria, and I to the bus station in town to visit the Cliffs of Mon (also known as Møns Klint). As this is THE main attraction on the island and something on my bucket list, I was ecstatic!

Thursday morning, Maria and I eagerly hopped in the car. As we reached the small school to drop off her 2 children, Camilla turned around to Maria and I and said, “Here you are. The bus stop is across the street over there.” Keep in mind, this was no where near the central bus station. This was a random stop on the side of the street with no sidewalks. We hesitantly said our goodbyes and walked to the bus stop.

Naturally, in Annemarie fashion, I started to think of questions that would have been useful to ask Camilla before departing such as, “We don’t have bus tickets – can we pay in cash/credit card?” or “Do you know when the next bus is coming?”. I turned to Maria and said, “Well.. I guess we wait?” and she shrugged, agreeing.

Fortunately for us, the gods must have been listening. After 10 minutes of feeling complete regret for agreeing to this day out, we spotted a yellow transit bus coming down the winding road. Jumping for joy, we bounced on and, again with great luck, the bus accepted cash!

Thinking that the day’s disaster was averted, we get to town only to discover that the bus line to the Cliffs only run seasonally (A.K.A. not this season). The local coffee shop owner offered the idea to take the bus line closest to Mon and walk the rest of the way. With no other option, Maria and I continued forward.

An hour and a half later, after trekking in the snow through hidden trails, some farmer’s fields, camp grounds, and icy roads (which I slipped on, of course), we finally reached our destination. And it was totally worth it! The Cliffs were absolutely breathtaking. We went out on the overhang for pictures from above, then went down what seems like a million steps to the bottom and walked along the black, stoney shore line.

Maria was a great travel companion because she wanted to actually spend time at the Cliffs, not just snap 2-3 pictures and head out. We sat after a while and had some lunch, then started to head back. This time we decided to walk along the street, and had the loveliest conversation through the country side. We told each other of our homes, other places we traveled, and even some politics! We shared lots of laughs.

Once we reached the center of town, we had to wait for Camilla to pick us up. In the meantime, we walked around, went into some shops, and then sat down to have some delicious danishes and coffee.

This was a much needed day of fun and I’m glad I got to spend it with someone like Maria!