Let’s catch you up to speed

It’s been a busy week with much to get accustomed too. Check out what I’ve been up to in my first Workaway stay!

There was much to take in and digest this first week abroad, so I haven’t really had the opportunity to write about what I’ve been up too so far.

On Monday, I made my way from Copenhagen down to the island of Møn. I arrived at my host family’s home late Monday afternoon and, almost immediately, joined in on a traditional-style yoga class! I started practicing yoga (specifically Bikram yoga) about 6-8 months ago and really enjoy it. That was one of the main reasons why I decided to come to this Workaway stay. However, there’s much more to it than just yoga.

So.. where are you staying again?

My host family is located in Møn, Denmark. It’s an island situated in the southern end of the country, right above Germany. I am staying at a small yoga retreat center that has three separate wings – two retreat wings, and one family wing. The house faces the Hjem Bay and has a small, cobblestone courtyard in the center. I have my own room above the kitchen (a blessing & a curse), and share a bathroom with the other volunteer, Maria. There is one room that’s used for yoga & meditation courses located in the family wing.

All in a day’s work

For those curious about what my role is at the retreat center, here’s a breakdown of my daily routine.

My day starts off with a light yoga workout in my bedroom. Afterwards, I get ready and have breakfast with Maria. Around 9:00am, Camilla (the wife of the host family) comes to the kitchen and gives us a task list. Tasks typically include the following:

  • Laundry: the bed sheets, towels, robes, etc. used for the retreats are to be washed and hung out on the line. I’ve come to learn that electricity is very expensive in Denmark, so Camilla tries to avoid using the dryer as much as possible.
  • Cleaning: dusting, wiping down surfaces in rooms, vacuuming, washing floors.. you get the gist. This is to be done in the kitchen and the two retreat wings.
  • Cooking: lunch and dinner are made together with our host family, as well as cooking on the weekends for the retreats.
  • Miscellaneous: Camilla has some small projects in mind to help improve the overall look & feel of the retreat center. This includes tasks like interior painting, organizational changes with the food stock, etc. She has also mentioned a need for helping train new volunteers by filming daily tasks and adding it to the retreat’s website.

Right before lunch, Maria and I head over to the family wing for meditation with Camilla and her husband, Cole. Afterwards, we all make lunch and eat together. The afternoons are usually free for us to go for a walk, rest, or practice some yoga. Right before dinner, Maria and I head over again to the family house for either some meditation or OM Chanting. Dinner follows with Maria and I eat together before heading up to our rooms for bed.

That about covers my day-to-day life currently. Maria and I are allowed 2 days off from working where we can travel into town or do other activities. Overall, it’s relaxing & calming environment is a nice change of pace from busy city of Philadelphia.


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