Annie’s Take Away Tuesday – Pay it forward

Traveling for the first time solo, I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as a “goner” but I definitely should not have had it as easy as I have. This is all thanks to the kindness of strangers.

I hate to admit this, but I’ve made a few head-smacking mistakes so far on my trip. From heading in the completely opposite direction on public transportation to dropping my wallet (my badness Dad!), my bank account should be drained by now. But what has been unwavering since I’ve arrived in Europe is the kindness of strangers.

Maybe it’s because I unmistakably come off as a foreigner/tourist who walks around with her jaw dropped open in amazement a majority of the time. Maybe I have an angel looking over my shoulder. Whatever it is, the kindness and willingness to offer help from the Europeans I have encountered has made an everlasting impression on me.

My Take Away for this week is the following: appreciate the help that is given to you and pay it forward. We are all guilty of getting wrapped up in our own worlds from time to time. But if you see someone who looks like he or she could use a hand, step in! One day, you might be in the similar position.


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