Bring on volunteer stay numero dos!

After bouncing around from Copenhagen to Amsterdam to Madrid, I am finally settling in at my second Workaway volunteer stay in Conil de la Frontera, Spain!

For the next 6 weeks, I will be volunteering at a boutique hostel that sits right along the Atlantic Coast. The hostel is run by a couple, Javier and Mita, and has been opened for a little over a year. A majority of the guests that stay here are from either Germany or other parts of Spain. The hostel is a bit quiet now as I am here prior to the busy season, which starts in mid-June.

The work will be similar to my first volunteer stay in Stege, Denmark where I am responsible for the cleanliness of the hostel and assisting the guests when necessary. Along with my daily tasks, my host, Javier, will be teaching me Spanish in exchange for my help with his English. There is also the possibility that I might assist in the marketing efforts for the hostel as well!

So far, the weather has been sunny and warm compared to the cold, grey skies of Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The biggest obstacles I face thus far are the language barriers and the daily lifestyle of the Spanish. For those that are not aware, it is very typical in Spain to eat meals and go to bed much later than what I am accustomed too. On top of that, not many people in Southern Spain speak English.

It will be interesting learning to adjust to this change and also learning to communicate with the locals. I look forward to learning much more about the Spanish culture and language in the weeks to come!


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