Annie’s Take Away Tuesday – Just. Ask.

You realize a lot about yourself when traveling solo. How you act in certain situations or react to challenges provides incredible insight to your true self. One insight I gained this past week about myself is that I’m hesitant to ask questions.

During my travels so far, I find myself to be reluctant to ask questions. Whether it’s about what direction I should be headed in, or if the new people I just met want to grab a drink, I tend to be apprehensive about speaking up. In all fairness, it’s difficult for anyone to put himself or herself in a vulnerable position like that, but if you won’t grow if you are constantly in your comfort zone.

What I have come to realize is that sometimes you need to simply embrace your fears. I noticed that on those occasions when I do ask for help or put in effort to make new friends, it typically ends up being not nearly as terrible as I imagined. Avoid making the mistake of assuming people will not be as helpful or accepting as you hope.

So, this week’s Take Away: just ask. If you never ask, you will never know the answer! If you do ask, at least you have the satisfaction of making an effort and trying. It can be nerve-wracking putting yourself out there, but you’ll find it more rewarding than staying silent. You will unearth a new confidence in yourself and it will only make you bolder in the future.





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