A day off calls for a day trip!

My first week at my second Workaway stay has quickly coming to a close. Wednesday & Thursday were my first days off so I decided to do some exploring!

Exploration Day Number 1

For my first exploration day, I decided to travel up the coast to a small port town called Cadiz. I had a bit of difficulty using the public transportation getting to Conil from Madrid, so I was a little nervous to try again. This time, things went off without a hitch!

Cadiz is located on the south western side of Spain and is the capital of the province of Cadiz. This beautiful city has a longstanding history in Western Europe for being the main port for the Spanish Navy since the 18th century.

Coastline of Cadiz, Spain

The town is quite small so I was able to walk around and finish most of my exploring by lunch time.

City Center of Cadiz, Spain

For lunch, I stopped at a small gastropub along the coastline named, Charlotte.

Lunch spot along the Coastline

The menu was in Spanish so I decided to wing it and choose something random. The name of it was “Pastel de foie de pato”, which loosely translates to duck liver & apples. Don’t be swayed by the duck liver part – it was friggin’ delicious! Wish I had a picture to show but well, you know.. I was hungry.

After lunch, I caught some sun in Plaza de San Juan de Dios in Casco Antiguo (Old Town) under a monument to Segismundo Moret. It was a perfect ending to an easy-going, laid back day.


Exploration Day Number 2

The weather was not in my favor for my second day off so I decided to stay local in Conil and familiarize myself with the town.

First stop was to Torre de Castilnovo (Casitlnovo Tower). This tower has been around since the 16th century and was traditionally used as a watch tower for pirate sea invasions! (Cool stuff, I know). After that, it was used mainly for spotting schools of red tuna off the coast.

Later in the day, I went for a run through the town and stumbled upon a charming, little trail that led me to a beautiful outlook.

I really enjoyed myself this past week getting to know the area I will be living in for the next month. This upcoming week, I am planning on traveling up to Seville (about 2 1/2 hours North of Conil) on my days off to wander around the city and to see a traditional Flamenco show!


2 thoughts on “A day off calls for a day trip!

  1. Every time you extend yourself to others, asking for help, directions, or just if someone wants to hang out with you, it makes it easier for the next time. And, maybe those people are looking for someone to hang out with too!😘

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