My one day getaway to Seville

Another glorious week in the books at my Workaway, and that goes without saying, I continued my exploration of Southern Spain. This time, I headed for an overnight stay in Seville!

Here’s how I made the most of spending one full day in Seville!

Walking Tours Galore!

Yes, by now we all know how much I enjoy my free walking tours (sorry, not sorry). I think it’s a great way to learn about the city you’re in, see something you might not have found on your own, and meet new people! The morning walking tour was fantastic with the fabulous tour guide, Aitor, and here were my favorite spots:

The Cathedral of Seville

The Cathedral of Seville, showcasing Gothic and Moorish architectural designs, is the 3rd largest in the world and took around 500 years to build (blame it on “Spanish time”).

The Tower pictured above shows ancient Moorish architectural influences, with the top reading, The strongest tower is the name of God in Latin. Pillars and chains surround the Cathedral, designed initially to keep merchants from conducting business in the Cathedral square.

The Forgiveness Gate (La Puerta del Perdon) is one of the side entrances where guilty criminals were taken to confess their sins before having either their necks broken or being burned alive outside the city walls… yikes!


At The Forgiveness Gate, the St. Peter’s statue was designed with 3 hands; there is no proper explanation of why that is. Oh, the mystery & symbolism!

Plaza de España

This beautiful, color-filled plaza was built in 1928 specifically for the Iberi-American Exposition. Today, the plaza is home to many government offices. The plaza includes 4 bridges representing the 4 ancient kingdoms of Spain as well as individual tiled sections for each Spanish province.

Yummy Eats

While in Seville, I decided to indulge in the traditional Spanish tapas for dinner and also enjoy the ever-so-decadent churros with chocolate!

Tapas on Tapas on Tapas


Pictured above are two tapa dishes I had for dinner. To the right, we have Tortilla de Patatas, (one of my favorites) which is very similar to quiche as it consists mainly of eggs and potatoes. To the left, we have grilled veggies with melted Spanish queso and tomato sauce. I’ve found that the size of tapas vary depending on where you go; as you can see, these tapas were more than enough for me!

Churros = Life

After getting caught in an afternoon shower, these delicious, fluffy rolls of goodness brought the sunshine back into my life! I went to a small cafe near my hostel and was overjoyed with how perfect these churros were. A small order came with 4 churros and was served with a cup of (literal) hot chocolate.

(Disclaimer: you do not need to eat all of the churros. Side effects that may occur if done so include stomach aches from the cholocate-y richness!)

Always pencil in some reflection time

My bus back to Conil wasn’t leaving until noon, so I found myself with some extra free time. I decided to venture into the Parque de Maria Luisa. Located right next to Plaza de España, the park emanated springtime through its flowers, fresh air, and warmth from the sun.

Surrounded by nature’s pure beauty, I reflected on how incredibly lucky I was to be a witness of so much life. Like many of us, I too am guilty of sometimes taking for granted what this earth has to offer us. Overcome with clarity of the springtime splendour around me, this moment was extremely humbling and one that I will carry with me always.



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