A breath of fresh air!

Forever En Route has undergone a few changes this summer and I’m ecstatic to share them with you! Originally designed to be a travel blog that promoted independent female world travel, I’ve decided to expand Forever En Route’s focus. Being “forever en route” doesn’t mean you’re solely learning and growing through your travels; it means you’re experiencing personal growth through everything you do in life.

Below I’ve outlined Forever En Route’s 3 major changes:

  1. Blog Focus:

    Forever En Route not only stands for growing as you travel, but for growing with each new experience life throws at you. Moving forward, the blog’s focus will highlight all of my new experiences, ranging from personal to professional, and the major takeaways each experience has given me.

  2. New Material:

    A new shift in perspective for the blog means new writing material! As you will notice, I have added a few new pages to the blog.

    1. Empower will discuss the my thoughts on the importance of women empowering each other to succeed in all aspects of life.
    2. Reflection will highlight my revelations gained through daily reflection and meditation.
    3. Travel is the grass roots of Forever En Route and will remain as an important part of the blog. This page will continue to showcase the places I traveled to, each place’s impact on me, and the lessons learned through travel.
  3. Social Media:

    I will be dabbling more in the social media scene as a way to expand Forever En Route’s presence. Starting off with Instagram, I will intertwine blog posts with Instagram posts to connect my followers with the blog and vice versa. As the blog continues to develop, I will constantly be looking for new social media avenues that will best reach the blog’s target audience.

My goal with the new changes for Forever En Route is to encourage an open forum for people to come and share their life experiences and own personal growth, and also to gain new inspiration to live the life they want to live.


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