New York City: a Mini-Vacay done right

What a better way to kickstart a new week than by introducing my newly added series, Monday Mini-Vacay Recap!

For those who enjoy a nice weekend getaway like I do, you may also enjoy indulging your coworkers on how unbelievably awesome your trip was come Monday at work (or for myself & the other unemployed millennials, it’s more like sharing them with your pet).

For my first Monday Mini-Vacay Recap, I’ll be sharing my weekend trip up to the world-renowned New York City!

For a while, New York wasn’t at the top of my list of places to visit. However, over the past 1-2 years, it’s unpredictability has grown on me.

With my best friend Mary living in NYC now and my boyfriend Tyler’s family being from New York, we decided to spend a weekend up there to visit them and do a bit of sightseeing.


We decided to take public transportation up to NYC to avoid the inevitable headache-induced drive. For $35 each, we booked roundtrip tickets through Bolt Bus. Taking the bus is by far the cheapest way up to NYC from Philly, and tickets can be cheaper if purchased in advanced. Both rides were on time and clean with working air condition, so we were off to a great start!


We crashed at Mary’s apartment in the Lower East side. Mary’s cute and quaint apartment is located near Tompkin’s Square Park. The neighborhood is sprinkled with an assortment of restaurants and bars all within walking distance from her place. (Shout out to my girl for the wonderful hospitality!)

Food & Drinks

Now, on to the good stuff: food & drinks. Within walking distance from Mary’s was The Meatball Shop, which I ate at previously during my last visit. If you make a repeat appearance at a restaurant in NYC, you know they’re doing something right.

Late Saturday afternoon, Mary, myself, and our baes began the night bar hopping through SOHO. (Disclaimer: for the unaware, $12 for a 8 oz. margarita is considered a steal here…..) After meeting up with Tyler’s cousins and bouncing around to a few bars, one being the Hair of the Dog, the four of us headed over to the infamous Prince Street Pizza. I’m sorry for not being able to share a picture of my slice from pizza heaven, but my stomach has a mind of it’s own..

Sunday morning, we brunched at Westville. This was the first time I had a salad for breakfast, and I have zero regrets. My Mediterranean Breakfast salad and Mary and Tyler’s Guacamole BLT Benedicts were unreal.

And finally, before Tyler and I departed for the bus station, we stopped at a taco & burrito joint near South Street Sea Port for lunch. We love our Mexican spots, and this one did not disappoint!


Besides all of the eating and drinking, Tyler and I did manage to do other fun activities. Mary’s boyfriend lives on the river in Long Island City, so Saturday night we went over to check out the amazing view!

View of the Hudson River and Lower East side

Sunday, we visited the 9/11 Memorial for the first time, and ventured over to South Street Sea Port.

Helpful Hints

Just a rule of thumb for any trip you take: double check the weather. We did not realize how hot it was going to be on Saturday walking around and it looked as though we jumped out of the pool.

Also, do a quick review of the layout of the city you’re visiting. It’s extremely beneficial when figuring out how to get to places and what bus station to best use!


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