Annie’s Take Away Tuesday – Don’t let overthinking stifle your creativity

Do you ever find yourself thinking so much about how to be “creative” and ~*artsy*~ on a specific project that you never actually complete the project?

You are not alone, my friend. The struggle is real for those of us that drown our creative senses in overthinking and indecisiveness.

While overthinking has it’s pros and cons, I’ve noticed that it can actually stifle my creativeness and hinder any sort of progress I’m attempting to make on certain projects.

For instance, I’ll come up with what seems like a brilliant blog post idea out of the blue. I’ll jot it down so I don’t forget and brainstorm some more ideas to help beef it up a bit. Then, I’ll begin the actual writing part and that’s where I run into road blocks, stockpiled with tiny and trivial decisions. Decisions that I’ve concocted in my mind as being life or death. “What is the best way to word this part of the post?” “Is that funny enough? Will my point be conveyed correctly?” “Wait, am I going off track now?” Next thing you know, it’s been a few hours sitting at my desk, 6 Facebook videos watched, multiple googled definitions of words that I attempt to incorporate, and still no finalized blog post.

So while the current project you’re working on might be minuscule in the grand scheme of all of your other projects, it still illustrates how putting too much emphasis on finding the “perfect creative solution” can actually hinder you from being creative! And worst of all, it can prevent you from being productive.

My Takeaway Advice: take a breath and just go for it. Let the creative juices flow and try different things to see which works best for you. Overthinking can cause you to hesitate on making any sort of decision/progress, mainly because you don’t want to be incorrect. However, what some might not realize is that even if your decision is considered a “failure”, you still gained knowledge. Start fresh and move forward with that in mind.




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