Bath houses and massages anyone?

I’m putting a little twist on #TBTs by doing a Travel Back Thursday. Please join me as I hop into my time portal machine (yes, it’s a limited edition) and travel back to when my boyfriend and I went to a famous Bath House in Budapest and got a couples massage!

For those of you that aren’t tooooo familiar with Budapest (don’t worry, I wasn’t either until a few days before I went there), there are these amazingly gigantic, historic bath houses that are open to the public year round!

My boyfriend and I spent around 3-4 days in Budapest and decided to use one of our days visiting the Szechenyi Bath House. The Szechenyi Baths have 15 indoor baths, 3 outdoor pools, and an underground sauna. We decided to go during the day but they do have Bath House parties at night. However, I heard from other travelers that it does not rank high in the most sanitary parties list… I’d rather not go into gory details so trust me, it’s best to not ask questions.

Szechenyi Bath House – Outdoor Pools

Let me just tell you, this place is overwhelming! Tyler and I spent the first 30 minutes just walking around and checking out our surroundings. Walking around here is very similar to walking around a mansion, except there are pools in every room. (Oh what? You don’t have a friend who has a mansion with pools in every room? Because that’s a normal thing…) Since it was our first time visiting, we decided to do a 70-minute couples massage for around $70/person.

This was the first time I’ve ever gotten a massage and let me tell you, it was 100% worth the money! After traveling around for months and sleeping in so many hostels, it was just the relaxation my body was looking for.

After our massage and feeling a bit like jello, we went galavanting around the indoor baths (which have a bit of a funky smell, unfortunately) and down to the saunas.

We wrapped up our time hanging out in the outdoor pools in complete and utter bliss and comfort!


Here are a few quick tips on the Szechenyi Bath House:

  1. It’s easily accessible by public transportation – Here’s a cool site I found for figuring out the Metro System
  2. It’s better to book day passes in advance, but they can purchased onsite as well
  3. Towels are for rent, but better to bring your own (and don’t forget flip flops!)
  4. There are multiple options for massages and facials – so treat yourself!

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