Annie’s Take Away Tuesday – Time to relax with the “Treat Yo Self” lifestyle

Have you ever used the term, “Treat Yo Self”, as justification for making a purchase or opting out of something? If so, in all honesty, how often do you use this excuse?

When it comes to making life choices, big or small, the “Treat Yo Self” alternative has become more prevalent in decision-making than it was meant for. And it needs to come to a halt – for your sake and your bank account’s sake.

The “Treat Yo Self” term originated from the show, Parks and Recreation. It was initially meant as an annual self-indulgence day where you splurge on exorbitant, unnecessary purchases.

However, I’m finding that it’s being used more and more frequently in every day decisions, rather than for its intended purpose.

The downside of this? You may not be as productive as you want to be. You might find yourself making excuses to avoid doing difficult or daunting tasks. And, your bank account most definitely could (and will) plummet.

Treating yourself often only offers short-term satisfaction and delays the inevitable. So here’s my takeaway: hit the breaks on the “Treat Yo Self” option. Save it for a rainy day when you really need it, instead of incorporating it as an every day choice. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reward yourself, especially when you completed a difficult task. Instead, prioritize your goals and allow yourself a reward when you have accomplished a top-tier goal.




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