Annie’s Take Away Tuesday – Time to relax with the “Treat Yo Self” lifestyle

Have you ever used the term, “Treat Yo Self”, as justification for making a purchase or opting out of something? If so, in all honesty, how often do you use this excuse?

When it comes to making life choices, big or small, the “Treat Yo Self” alternative has become more prevalent in decision-making than it was meant for. And it needs to come to a halt – for your sake and your bank account’s sake.

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Annie’s Take Away Tuesday – Don’t let overthinking stifle your creativity

Do you ever find yourself thinking so much about how to be “creative” and ~*artsy*~ on a specific project that you never actually complete the project?

You are not alone, my friend. The struggle is real for those of us that drown our creative senses in overthinking and indecisiveness.

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Reflection Time

As I surpass the halfway point of my trip, I decided to write a reflection piece on Forever En Route. In this piece, I highlight a few of the challenges I’ve faced, insight on other solo female travelers I’ve met, and a handful of life takeaways I’ve learned through traveling.

To read more, wander on over the Traveling Solo Dolo page and you’ll find my reflection piece, Come meet me half way.

Also, I’m always looking for ways to improve my blog, writing, images, content, etc. Any and all feedback is encouraged and welcomed!

Thanks fam!

– AM