All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

— Unknown

For my first independent travel experience, I decided to venture my way through Europe. I visited six different countries and completed two volunteer/cultural exchange programs in the span of four months. With many unexpectedly wonderful mishaps, twists and turns, I can conclude that my first solo trip was an absolute success.

This section of Forever En Route will disclose my adventures on this trip, places I visited, and what I learned about myself and traveling alone.

Portfolio Projects

Come meet me half way

Reaching the midway point on my European excursion, I devoted time to reflect on my experiences thus far as a solo female traveler. I’ve gained countless insights not only to how others live throughout different parts of the world, but also how I deal with challenges & cope with difficulties.

Europe through a panoramic view

To wrap up my time in Europe, I decided to put together a portfolio of all my favorite panoramic pictures I took on my iPhone 6. Enjoy! … More Europe through a panoramic view

European Travel Posts